P3 Headset losing voice volume on songs

Hey, I have this weird issue that I don’t know if it’s supposed to be this way.

I have a HS50 Corsair headset, which has a P3 connector. To use with my interface (UR44C), I bought an adapter to P10. But when I put a song to play, the voice volume of the song goes very low (only in the headset, the monitors are working fine).

Is that an issue related to P3 connectors?

Hi Rapha
What do you mean by P10 and P3?

Hi strummer!

Sorry, didn’t know these names weren’t universal. In Brazil we call them that way.

By P10 I mean a 1/4 inch connector and by P3 I mean a 1/8 inch connector with 3 rings (left, right and mic) typically seem in headset connectors. Sorry I don’t know the correct name in English.

Hi Rapha
thanks, then I understand:)
Do you use the Y adapter that is supposed to come with your headset? If not, try it with the adapter. And if you use it, try it without the adapter. Those adapters (both Y and 3,5 to 6,35 mm) are often poor quality, and don´t always make perfect connection.
Edit: Often called TRS (tip ring sleeve) and TRRS (tip ring ring speeve) in Sweden, where i am:)

Hi strummer!

I completely forgot about the Y adapter! It came with one but I wasn’t using it.

I tried with the Y adapter and connected just the phone side (green one) to the 1/4 adapter to the interface and it’s working fine now. The only problem is that I’m using two adapters now, but that’s what I have for now. =)

And I made a research yesterday and learned more about those connectors names (TRS, TRRS and even a TRRRS)

But it’s still kinda weird why the voice volume in songs gets low when using a TRRS connector. Maybe the system thinks you’re trying to sing along? =D

Thanks a lot for the help!


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