p8z77 series

sorry for bring this up again but im not very clued up with motherboards and this now makes my brains want to explode , could anyone please enlighten me to which would best be suited for a daw just using 1 pci and the rest pci e and crossfire support ,there are too many variations of the same series to get my head around atm , any help would be appreciated as im looking to upgrade the the i7 3770k

p8z77v le
p8z77v le plus
p8z77v lx
p8z77v pro
p8z77v deluxe


Hello John,

This is totally not what you have asked about, but since you already have a 2500k machine - can’t you just use the motherboard you already have for 3770k? You might need to update the bios to use an Ivy, but because the socket is 1155 on the board you have already, it maybe worth looking into.

HI Yutaka
The problem is the motherboard it’s only a h61 chip set which only allows you to go up to 16gig of ram ,you are right that I could update the bios so I could update the processor but that will be it’s limit and im in the upgrading mood :wink:
I never go for new technology computer wise so Im quite happy building a new system with the components I have in mind ,it’s just the amount of choices in one series of motherboard and hours of looking that spangled my mind .
I think ive found the right board for me which is the p8z77v pro but cheers for your suggestion much appreciated