p9x79 CPU temp protection?

Got an i7 3930k in this mobo overclocked to 4.4. Running prime 95, when any core reaches 82 the clock ratchets back down to 3.2k. Very useful feature but I want to disable it temporarily for testing.

Can’t see if this is a bios setting or whether it’s perhaps in the windows 7 power plan. Using the performance plan at the moment which sets min and max at 100% so I’m thinking its a bios setting somewhere.

Anyone know this mobo and can help?

Atm.,I have a 3930/P9x79 setup in test mode.
If I come across that function I’ll let you know.

Out of interest: what makes it necessary to run this killing machine at 4.4?

Big K

Hi there. Thanks for your reply. This was just the way they overclocked it when I purchased it :slight_smile: Haven’t done any tests yet to see the performance difference between stock speeds and oc’d…

Had an asus guy come back to me about the temp.

Combination of CPU power duty control and the adaptive thermal monitor feature :slight_smile:

Interesting thread, I am finishing my build this week with this mobo/cpu combination. I would be interested to know as well.

How are you finding the performance of this combination? Any setup tricks that I should be aware of.

Sorry for the slight hijack of the thread.

Hi there. Well so far it’s going well. Runs hot though due to the OC.

Thanks for the reply. I will be starting my build this week.

Thats a great clock speed and CPU. Does that allow you to run your Cubase at much lower buffers/latency etc. before the CPU gets harrased? And what kind of latencies are you getting at 32 or 64 buffer?


I must admit I stick at 256 latency for everything I do. Not sure why - habit I guess.

I just opened an identical project on both my old and new machine.

My old core 2 quad 2.6GHz was using about 60-63% asio whilst the new hexcore was using 30%.

As it happened I just built the same 3930 machine and it is a race horse even w/o OC.
So far I have not done any tweaking to the OS win7 sp1 and if there are no performance problems
comming up I will leave it as it is. Keeping all bits from going into sleep mode might be worth doing, though.

Smaller track count recordings I take in 1.5 ms or 3ms which is fast enough to work with a native reverb in the Nuendo channel sends. But I have done so with a i7 930 machine and the same RME card, already. When mixing it is more the needs of e.g. UADs that lets me choose 256 or even higher. That, I guess, won’t change with the faster machine.

Big K

Thanks Big K.

I would imagine your stress levels on the 3930 at low buffers are far less than your i7 930?


Sure, the machine is noticeably more relaxed there…
The whole setup is actually running so effortless that I didn’t bother to carry on with a little stress test I made.
Real life jobs will now show if it performs as well in a bigger nprs.
But I have no reason to doubt that…I am happy…
The buffers and latencies are more a thing of convertors or I/O cards, I suppose.
RME hw & drivers do a great job, here, as I said.

Big K