PA Metric A|B on CR hangs cubase 11.0.41 (and older)

  1. Enable control room
  2. Create a empty project
  3. Add Plugin Aliance Metric A|B as a control room insert effect.
  4. Let your screen saver “power save”

On my Mac this will get cubase “beach ball” now and then.
Im not sure if PA is to blame, but cubase should be able to disable the plugin.

Was going to say this isn’t an issue with Windows (might not be) but then I don’t have any screen save power options enabled from ye olden days when all such things were warned against on DAW computers (don’t know if this is still the case).

Will try to engage and see what happens.

Powersaving CPU might be a big problem for DAW, but handling that screens go off should not be a issue.

Maybe not, I don’t know but just received a new audio purpose built system and it still has screen power saving disabled.
What “shouldn’t” be an issue and what is are sadly not always as close as we might like.

I know for Cubase 10 on Windows there were reports that screen power saving wouldn’t enable (how ever set) when Cubase was running so there certainly used to be an issue whether designed or not.