Pad Controller Lights

I’ll get straight to the point. I created and recorded a drum pattern with Groove Agent One.
When playing back the track I was expecting to see the corresponding lights flash in the pad controller while in playback as they do in GA1, but they didn’t.
Is this a setting in preferences or am I hoping for too much?


I think they do on my system, although I’m not too sure. I’ll check when I get the chance.

Thanks for your reply Strophoid
Have you been able to check yet?

This has had nearly a 100 views, but only one reply, does anyone else have any info on this topic?


No sorry. Not only did I completely forget, I also didn’t read your question right and I can’t even check because I have no CMC-PD. My bad, hope someone else can chime in.

Could you get that done?

I remember doing this a long time ago. You need to send the output to the PD as midi, same as you would any Midi instrument. You’ll either need to make a duplicate track for this as I did in my experiment or perhaps you can do it over a send and set the PD as an external FX.
Anyway, it’s rather pointless unless you really nee to see the flashing lights.


I could do this using MIDI sent very easy! Set midi sent destination to CMC-PD Port 1 ( channel to any). If you want also to play along with PD, set the input of the MIDI track to “All MIDI inputs”