PAD lights on controller Suddenly off

Hi, I’m having a problem with my controller while using Cubase. In the middle of working on Cubase, suddenly Pad lights are off. But it is still functional. The Pad lights off were followed by a sudden increasing volume on VST.
I thought this was a problem with my VST (Kontakt). But it happened also while I was using Halion Sonic. So I think this is maybe a Cubase problem (probably, I’m still looking for the cause). Is there anyone who has a similar problem?

My controller is M-Audio CODE 61 (I know it’s not great, but this is what I can afford right now :slight_smile: ). And Cubase pro 10.5

Thank you


Do you use M-Audio Code 61 as a MIDI Remote device, or the old Generic Remote, or Mackie Control device? It seems, somethings sends MIDI message to switch the pads off.

I think I use a MIDI remote device in my controller setting. Here’s the screencap of my recent setting on Cubase. I’m not using Mackie Control.

And this is my Halione Sonic volume suddenly increased. I used to set the volume at -6.

This happened while Pad’s lights are off.

And sometimes Play, stop, or record buttons aren’t function. This is a different issue I guess. But it exist while the problem above appeared.


What is the MIDI Output of the Genetic Remote Device and the Mackie Control? Try to set it to Not Connected, please.

Thanks Martin, I’ve done that but I’m afraid the error is still happening :sweat_smile: :pray:

are those right?


Yes, these are right. What about the Quick Controls in the Remote Devices, please?

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, I’ve done the same with Track Quick controls and VST Quick controls, I’ve set it to ‘not connected’ on their outputs. But the problem remains to exist.

Hi, I just wanna inform you that I’ve found the culprit. It was my external drive that was plugged near usb controller on a hub. Although I don’t know why it can be caused the problem.

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