pad plays loop until pressed again.

On 1 pad i have a hihat loop… (groove agent5)
Is there any way, that i can "tick"the pad once, and that it keeps looping until “ticked” again.
I cant get my head arround it, and im not able to find it anywhere…
Is this possible.
Thank you.

yes in the pattern agent tab you click on the gear icon to show pad settings and then you change the play mode to toggle and it will do how you want

That was a quick one. Gonna check it out later today.
Thank you

Im in "instrument"mode.
It is a audio loop.
So this is not available, or am i missing something.

i am sorry i thought you meant loop as in pattern i cannot find out how to do this except for activating the circle arrow and pressing the play sample button next to it in the sample tab and this is not how you wanted

Cheers sd1989,

Anyone can help me out, or is this simply not possible, the way i want…