Pad selection follows Midi controller


I use a pad controller device for playing Groove Agent SE5 in Cubase Pro 10. The pad controller is an Akai LPD8.

When I hit a pad in pattern page with the mouse, the pad sounds and also the pad is selected (the focus changes to the clicked pad).

When I hit a pad in my Akai, the pad in GA5 sounds (good!) but the pad is never selected (this is the problem) as the focus is still in the previous pad.

I hope the explanation is clear.

In other words, I would like that when I hit the pad A# in the Akai controller, the pad A# sounds, and also gets the focus in the pattern page of GA.

I have been looking for a solution, but I wonder if it’s possible or not.

If somebody knows how to solve it, please let me know how!! :smiley:

If not, I think it would be necessary to add some preference for allow this feature.

Thanks a lot!!!