Pad Shop Pro Update ....Biased options again?! (RESOLVED!!)

OK clear the room, as Im on a rant! :laughing:

As usual, with their online stupid policiesā€¦ Steinberg have made it impossible for me to purchase Padshop Pro!
FFS! (yeah ok, Im miffed cos I wanted to use it)

Having restrictions on WHO, and WHERE you liveā€¦as being a relevant factor.
Many of you know here of the sistuation. I bang on about it enough over the years!.

Pants again Steinberg!!.. You recently had a poll about online purchasingā€¦You SAW the resultsā€¦how about getting it sorted out once & for ALLā€¦you allowed me to purchase Cubase 6.5 onlineā€¦but I CANNOT purchase a measly updateā€¦?? pray tell me WHY it should be restricted in certain countries?..

If any mod here can offer me a link to formally COMPLAIN THE LIVING poop out of this, as I am well scunnered with this from Steinbergā€¦I can see no reasons, to rely on Distributors to offer a download?..

Ernst/Chris Could someone please sort this out!.. :astonished:

Poland is IN the European Unionā€¦in fact its right next door to where you build your softwareā€¦Im sick to death feeling like a leper, because of someones ā€œbiasedā€ ideals of where your products are viably sold!

Well yeah I have to agree thatā€™s very strange :confused:.
Itā€™s just a download and an email with a key, why donā€™t they offer that worldwide?

All I need is a bit of sympathy :wink: for being a HARDCORE Steinberg user for almost 20yrsā€¦not needing to jump thru hoops everytime I want to purchase something from them!..

I would like a sensible viable acceptable answer from Steinberg regarding this ā€¦nothing moreā€¦ooft!

Here, have a hug :slight_smile:

Thats what I was after!. :laughing: ā€¦sitting here well pissed.after spending all yesterday.hunting out perfect samples to throw in Padshop! its a big dent.not a little one! (spent about 7 hrs yesterday!) :blush:

YEAH! got it!!..Steeinbergs Shopping System is brokenā€¦if I go to this link

I get told to piss off!!

If I go thru this way

Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries | Steinberg result, I can log into my account.

Needs to be fixed guys!.. :wink:

I believe they already answered these types of questions severeal times, though I do feel for your situation. It has happened to us here in the USA a couple of times and itā€™s frustrating, mate. As far as reasons, one is that a lot of times itā€™s not the money aspect, but delivery (postal service, fedex, ups, etc.) mechanisms and reliability available in a particular area.

BTW, I didnā€™t know Poland was a leper colony? :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnā€™t know the poles used the word ā€œscunneredā€! are you a Scot like me? thanks for getting this great word out into the international arena! Ed
p.s. scunnered means disgusted and /or disappointed.

Sure am Eddieā€¦I thought about not using itā€¦(scunnered) b ut felt it was appropriate at the time! :laughing: