Padlock symbol for Halion Sonic


Just downloaded and installed Halion Sonic from Steinberg last week. The file seems to be installed fine and i can open it up as a vst instrument in Cubase 6 no worries.

The problem i have is that their is no content within the library of Halion Sonic itself. If i look in the Media browser it seems all the content is there, but has a padlock against all the sound preventing them from being loaded or previewed.

How do i get the content into Halion’s own browser and acces the write protected content? I’m also not exactly sure where the content, files, etc should be EXACTLY put within my program files. Does Halion Sonic get put in with Cubase 6 folder? Or VST’s? The same with the sound library. Should this put in VSTplugins or VST3’s etc? I’m not that techy and am pretty confused to where the content should be put as well as the program itself.

Its probably really simple and any help would be greatly appreciated.