Pads not play all sounds in NI kontakt. Why?

I dont hear all drum sounds When I play using midi pads via Cubase 9.5 in Kontakt player 4 and 5. I use many libraries and all behave similar. When i use standalone ver of Kontakt player all is Ok. What is the reason?


Make sure the MIDI note you are sending had any sound assigned. Make sure the MIDI note arrieves to NI Kontakt. Make sure the sound is loaded.

Sorry. Mayby I explained my problem wrongly. I have set all ok. I use e.g. samples strorm drum in kontakt player, or Collosus from East West and when I play master keyboard all sound are audible, but when I play on my pads ( Millenium DP-2000) then I can hear part of the sounds only. Its mean I play/hit 10 sounds on my pads, but I hear only 2 or 3 or 1. When I do the same in standalone version of Kontakt player then I hear all sound I play. I have to emphasisze that In cubase all sound I play/hit are recorded and after recording I hear all sounds , but not during I play/hit the pads. Maybe there is a problem that those sounds are very very short. On masterkeyboard you play longer notes.
I also noticed that when I connect the pads to another sampler called PLAY (from East West Soundsonline), in cubase of course, then I hear all drum sound during I play/hit pads, but after recording when I play this track not all sounds are audible despite of the fakt they are visible. But I found that when I increase lenght of the notes then all sounds are audible. I think that problem is in the Cubase, but I don’t know how to solve it. Maybe there is a way to make lengh of notes longer during live playing.

I see. THis might be AUdio Device Buffer SIze issue. Try to increase or even decrease the Buffer Size, please.

No. it is not that :frowning:

How to change lenght notes values in fly ? I mean during playing/recording


Input Transformer (Cubase Pro only) can do the job.