pads on cubase

Hello everyone, need your help …

i have instrument: novation lunchkey mini (keyboard with pad).

if i want to play live, How can I make, for example, that the keys play piano and the pads will play drums ?


I don’t exactly have the answer. I have the Novation SLMkii, so things are a bit different. Novation’s support for reasonable questions like yours is quite disappointing. However, if I were in your shoes, these are things I would try…

Is there any documentation from Novation? It looks like this document may help. On page 10, it says the pads are sending on MIDI channel 10, while the keys are on channel 1. (I should be so lucky with the SLMkii!) If this is the case, then you have a ticket out of hell! I think. Anyway, that means you can set up 2 instrument tracks in Cubase. In the inspector for the keyboard track, set (or leave) the channel at 1. In the inspector for the drum kit, change the channel to 10.

OK, so that didn’t work? Let’s investigate what’s coming out of Novation. There’s a (Windows) program called MIDI-ox that will show you what MIDI is coming into your DAW. There’s also the Cubase MIDI monitor, a MIDI insert which shows you the same kind of data. The Cubase monitor does not show messages that Cubase ignores. This makes it less useful in the sense of telling you what the Novation sent, but more useful for seeing what Cubase sees.

Maybe you can do something with Cubase’ Remote Devices. The rabbit hole just gets deeper from there.

Hopefully, that first idea works. Otherwise, the best hope is that someone with more knowledge specific to Launchkey might chime in.

First, thank you very much for your help!
I did what you said about changing the channels, but it not works…

when i on channel 1, it work, but when i switch to channel 10, thats not work.

the problem is that when i point for example on the drum track, all the keyboards and pads are sound the drum. that because the drum track are mark.

Sorry, I do tend to get that inspector channel confused. (This, for example.) Raino said it acts like an input transformer.

New idea: Change that channel to “any” for both tracks, but to have the VSTi on the keyboard track listen to channel 1, and the VSTi on the drum track listen to channel 10.

So you have a keyboard is listening to channel 1 (I used the MIDI tab of HALion SE3 in this case). Now it’s screening out all channels except channel 1.

Now you need to screen out all channels except 10 for the drums. There seems to be no easy way to do that with groove agent, so we look for a work around.

First, set up a MIDI track.
All MIDI inputs. Output to Groove Agent. Any.

Next, add a MIDI transformer. (Orange)

Now add a condition to select notes (Hit the + button (Green) and fill in Type is – Equal – Note. (Yellow)
Add another condition to select channel 10. (Hit the + button (Green) and fill in Channel – Unequal – 10. (Yellow)
The “And” should appear when you add the second condition. This section says “If there’s a note, and it’s not on channel 10, then…”

Now we add the action. Hit the + button on the lower section (blue) and enter Value2 – set to fixed value – 0. (Purple). This continues the statement from above, and it means “… set the note velocity to zero.”

So the overall meaning of this is “If a note isn’t on channel 10, mute it.”

On the MIDI channel (red) the monitor indicator (little speaker) should be on so you can hear the drums, or the MIDI channel can can be primed to record.

I’ll explain what I did:
I put the Piano and drums in “any”, and put the drums on Channel 10 . now The drums made sound only from the pads, but the keyboard did not produce sound.

I created an MIDI file like you said, but how do I add midi transformer? I see I do not have an “instert” like yours.

i attach pic.


Since you’re using HALion SE2 for drums, you can do as you did, select channel 10 in you picture 1.png. That’s great. Leave it alone.
You don’t have to worry about a midi track then. (You can delete that midi track and forget about it).

Now all you need to do now is (1) go to the Clean Combo Organ track and (2) make it look like what I had for my keys1.png picture – see red circles around (A) “Any” and (B) midi channel to 1 on the midi page of Clean Combo Organ (Which has such a page, because it is from HALion SE Artist).

i did it, but still dont work… ouy sound only from the pad.