Padshop 2 and new no e-licenser system questions

I migrated to Cubase Pro 12, and in the same download I also took the last version of Padshop 2.
And in the release notes, it is written that Padshop 2 is now working with the new license system without e-licenser.
But it is still on my e-licenser ???
And it does not appear in my non e-licenser area where just stays Cubase Pro 12 ???
Is there some action to take to move Padshop 2 in this area ?

I don’t understand why my post has been moved from padshop to cubase, my problem is for a padshop 2 license acquied to run padshop 2 independently of Cubase…

It does work with the new licensing system, if you’re using the one included in Cubase 12 Pro. If you’re using the standalone plugin (Padshop, Halion, Groove Agent, etc), thats a completely different product and still needs the dongle.

That’s not what is written in Release notes from March 2022.

Padshop 2.1.0
The following lists all improvements in Padshop 2.1.0
ID # Area Issue
Feature MAC only Padshop 2.1.0. now supports native Apple
Feature Licensing Padshop 2.1.0. now supports Steinberg Licensing.

The bundled Padshop plugin also works outside of Cubase and can be used within other DAWs. However, it requires Cubase 12 to be activated on the corresponding computer because it’s considered a part of Cubase. It can’t be activated or deactivated independently.
I suppose the license on the eLicenser belongs to a Padshop version that you bought separately sometime before.

Padshop 2.1.0 is dual-licenced, but this merely means that it works with Cubase 12 Pro and Cubase Artist 12 licences on Steinberg Licensing (and Nuendo 12 on Steinberg Licensing when that is released). Standalone Padshop licences remain on eLicenser for the moment.

Steinberg has yet to announce plans for migrating most of their product range to Steinberg Licensing.

I come from an independant Padshop 2 license I bought in 2020, this license allows me to use it without Cubase, kind of host version just as for Halion.
The upgrade of Cubase 11 to 12 takes care of its integrated Padshop 2, but there is an independant upgrade for the ‘host’ padshop 2, and in its release notes, it is stated that Padshop 2.1 now supports Steinberg Licensing. So why do I still need the e-licenser to run it ???

The content of the release note is not clear, I was expecting to be able to use it without e-licenser.

I am facing the same problem, padshop 2 works with cubase 11 pro( dongle) but the upgrade to cubase 12 pro shows no license., so frustrating. .

If Padshop does not work in Cubase 12 when your USB eLicenser is not plugged in, you need to update Padshop to at least version 2.1.0. Go into Steinberg Download Assistant and update to the latest available version in the Cubase 12 Pro section.

Thanks for this info, David. I did just update recently but I haven’t tried running without the elicenser yer.

Thanks David, Did all this an re registered the license, but it still wont show up in Cubase 12 pro… even with the dongle pluged

This seems crazy - Padshop 2 supports AS but elicenser doesn’t so will I have to run it in Rosetta just to recognise the licence? Frankly I hate the idea of installing anything so low level that needs Rosetta

I don’t have Cubase

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