Padshop 2 Arpeggiator; Drop MIDI File

My question is about using Padshop 2 Arp page in Cubase Pro 10.5.
It’s about Padshop 2 > Arp page > Tempo section > Drop MIDI File to be used as Groove Quantize Reference. I want to use my own rhythm (midi file) in Arp page instead of Factory presets.

When I drop my midi file into the tempo section nothing happens.
I don’t see any change in my Arpeggio when I play it back.

Am I missing something maybe my procedure is not correct.
I’ve read the manual but there is no detailed explanation.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

The midi file is used as quantize reference. It will not play the same rhythm. It will try to match the rhythmic positions of the notes from the midi file.

Quantize reference:


Result at 100% groove amount:

Thank you misohoza for your reply and the screen shots.
I was just thinking the opposite, that means, dropping my midi track into Padshop and it would playback my midi notes instead of the steps.

Anyway I tried your way by importing my midi track into Padshop but unfortunately I don’t hear any change in the playback nor visually in the Tempo section.
Hers is the screen shot of my setup.

No, it will play the steps.

You will not see anything change visually.

It looks like all the notes in your midi part are right on the grid. If that is the case then nothing will happen really when you use that as quantize reference. Try to nudge some of the notes either way a few ticks.

Going back to my screenshot… only step 4 and 8 are slightly ahead, all the other steps are unaffected.

So if I understood it correctly I wont be able to play my own rhythm/phrase in Padshop Arpeggiator?
Is there any work around to do it or some other plugin?

You’re right.
Not many synths will enable you to use midi files as a source for their arpeggiator/sequencer.
Scope for a Feature Request to Steinberg!

(I have Z3ta+2 that does it, unfortunately not anymore commercialized)

Thanks fcarosone for your reply.
I saw a video of Z3ta+2, it sounds good, I liked it.
Went to Cakewalk site but as you said it’s not any more commercialized and we cannot either download the demo version.

I hope Steinberg will add this feature in Padshop in the future.
Beside that, do you know other way or any alternative plugin that accept midi import for Arpeggio in order to play our phrases/rhythm?

Thanks anyway