Padshop 2 Bug - assigning Modwheel

Heads up:
There is a bug in PS2, assigning the modulation wheel to the “Depth“-slider in the matrix (which I often do) is broken, even if you set max/min levels for MW as soon as you touch the wheel the slider flips to -100%, the same bug is present in the arpeggiator when trying to assign the wheel to e.g. the modulation depth of the controller lanes. I’ve already informed the developer about this, as long as we’ll be waiting for a fix, many many patches I made in the former version of Padshop (e.g. Granular Guitars/Granular Symphonies and all the other libraries I sell on patchpool) will not sound correctly if the depth slider in the matrix is assigned to MW.

Will they take in account this post if there is no Issues forum for Padshop?

Sure, I informed the developer team directly. This post was just to inform other users in order to prevent more support requests.