Padshop 2 licence problem

since today I am having problem with my Padshop 2.
I have Cubase Artist 10.0.5, but I did try to install update 10.5.12 (accidentally because my version is 10.0.5)
Since then, when I start Cubase Artist 10.0.5 first I have message “Some content could bot be loaded…” and in open project on instrument track when I choose Padshop I have message “Not valid licence detected for Padshop”
Also, Padshop is blacklisted under plug in manager.
I updated eLicencer, but it did not helped.
It seems like something went wrong when I tried accidentally to install update 10.5.12.
Please have look to attachment pictures.
I installed 10.0.6 update but it did not work.
Can you please help me with this problem, because I like to use Padshop 2 very much.
Thank you very much in advance for your time.
Picture 1.jpg
Picture 2.jpg
Best regards,

Hi and welcome,

Padshop 2 is part of Cubase 10.5 licence, but not part of Cubase 10.0 licence. Please uninstall the content.

Hi Goran_B,
I have exactly the same problem.
I also get the message: “No valid license detected for Padshop”
And yes, I accidentally updated to 10.5 too.
Have you been able to solve the problem in the meantime?

Hi mikeqbase,
yes I have, after trying several things out, this actually worked:

  • Go to Cubase 10 content installation folder/Additional content/VST Sound/Padshop and run again Padshop_64 bit.msi

NOTE: problem was not fixed by running entire C10 installation, but only in step I explained above.

Hope this will help.

Best regards.

Thank you for answer.

Incredible! It worked!
Many many thanks!

Thank you Goran_B

I am glad it worked, I know the feeling :wink:

You are welcome.

Thanks a lot ! It worked for me too !

  • First, de-install Padshop2 (via normal procedure for installing/de-installing programs in Windows)
  • Then, remove it from Steinberg Library Manager
  • Then re-install Padshop like @Goran_B said above

So glad ! :slight_smile: