Padshop 2 license lost


I uninstalled Cubase few weeks ago, including all elements I found in the unistall window (configuration pannel), and so Padshop 2 too.

Since then I’ve reinstalled Cubase and Padshop 2, and everything works fine, except Padshop 2, which Cubase asks me for the license when I open a Padshop track. It redirect me to Steinberg’s website to enter my ID/PW but then nothing to resolve the issue.

Am I missing a thing? Activation eLicenser things maybe?


Please I need back my Padshop 2.


Which version of Cubase do you own?

Cubase Pro 10

Padshop 2 did not launch until Cubase 10.5, so a Cubase Pro 10 licence will only authorise the original Padshop, not Padshop 2.

Unless you have a licence for a later version of Cubase than 10.0, or another licence that authorises Padshop 2 (such as an Absolute licence, a Nuendo 10 or later licence or a standalone Padshop 2 licence), the system is correctly telling you that you have no licence for Padshop 2.

I just updated to Cubase 12, now I can use back Padshop, but still not 2, I wonder how I used to use it on Cubase Pro 10 though.