Padshop 2 license plus grave rant

I would like my Pad Shop 2 to work please.

Why is the license still missing I have re installed it? Twice now.

Why does it not install the license automatically when it install?

Why is there an E-license key manager, an activation manager, a library manager, a download assistant, and account online … yet on all these things they might as well be just imaginary in face of a product worth over $800 CAD as they do nothing but insult my time.

I love this product but this is violating my livelihood beyond what I can explain to you.

Please fix this issue and upgrade me to Cubase 12 for free while you are at it, so that my other ongoing issues THAT I SHOULD NOT BE HAVING AT ALL, with Cubase 10, can be assisted by your team if they are still existent.

This has been such a headache. please sort this out. Its out right un acceptable that you wont provide support for clients in older versions.

I missed your 30 year sale by a short window. that was 50%.

I didn’t trade in my other two DAW license’s for a cheaper purchase. that’s $$$

On a monthly basis I spend hours problem solving and trouble shooting problems that drop out the sky.

I do not feel like I have received what I have paid for and this has been devastating to my personal life, my own well being, and as well as my livelihood. Cubase is all I have in this life. This has even caused self harm because the instability and wreck less publication of an instable program has shattered my trust in the only thing I find meaning in life.

Killing my creativity here. Not impressed with your support staff or accessibility.


It is tied with a clients work

Padshop 2 is part of your Cubase license, unless you purchased it separately. Please make sure that you have the latest version of the Steinberg Activation Manager installed (1.4.11), and that Padshop is up to date.