padshop 2 on win 7..unregistered?????

its been a while since i started cubase pro10 up…
i purchased back in may 2019
padshop pro doesn’t load any more? seems to have deregistered??
I thought i got a full licence with the purchase of pro 10 ?
was it just a trial i got?

thx in advance


so after digging a little
I now see that padshop 2 only seems to run on windows 10
im running windows 7 and after i downloaded cubase pro 10.0.05 im pretty sure padshop2 worked…
but now, when firing up cubase it tells me
’ some content could not be loaded,either licenses are missing or have expired’
some im guessing it was either a trial i got
or the padshop 2 version was compatible with win 7 back in May but isn’t anymore???
anyone have any ideas…?

Padshop 2 is part of Cubase 10.5 not 10.0.05

ok it must of been a trial that downloaded with 10.0.5
cos its definitely on my machine…
ill forget about it then…