Padshop 2 Problems in Ableton

In Ableton Live Suite, the projects I’ve saved with Padshop 2 on them, on reopening, show the following message: “Some plug-ins could not be loaded and are disabled. Please see below for details. VST2 “Padshop”: The VST2 plug-in could not be found.”
Everything else in the projects saves (other plugins, midi, etc.). I can open Padshop 2 in those projects again, and find the proper presets. Padshop Pro saved fine before I upgraded. I installed Padshop 2 in the default Steinberg folder.

Also, the Zero Gravity presets show up, but when I load them, the sound files are missing. The preset settings do change with each one I load. I tried relocating the Zero Gravity file (211 MB) with the Steinberg Library Manager to /documents/VST3Prsets/Steinberg/Padshop. Any ideas on the proper location for this file (it was previously in an appdata folder).

Hi janfritz,

Please uninstall Padshop 2 and Zero Gravity via the Contol Panel. If you then still can find the Zero Gravity file (211MB) under “/documents/VST3Prsets/Steinberg/Padshop” please delete it as well. Afterwards install Padshop 2 and Zero Gravity again. It is very important to install everything for all users. There is a little checkbox to tick in the installation dialog of Zero Gravity. That should fix the problem.

Thank you–will do.

I’ve the exact same problem, but my Padshop2 installer is the one bundled within Cubase 10.5
Tried to uninstall-reinstall, but no option there to install for all users…
Do I have to grab the standalone installer maybe??? Or uninstall/reinstall the whole Cubase for “all users” ?
Thanks in advance for your attention :mrgreen:

did you ever get this installed properly? I"m having trouble with Ableton 10…I can’t seem to get padshop2 installed into the plugin folder so that ableton can pick it up and i can use it… ugh.