Padshop 2 - some video and audio examples

Improvising live on video with one of my first patches for Padshop 2 which uses the new spectral engine.

Great! (I like Plurality very much).

Improvising live on video with a Padshop 2 patch which makes use of the new spectral oscillator, tweaking some modulation parameters on the fly.

An experimental sound texture made with Padshop 2, using two spectral oscillators and samples I made with Sound Particles. Pretty weird stuff…

A Padshop 2 preset making use of the new spectral oscillator, utilizing the re-synthesized sample of hammering on the strings of a broken piano with a hammer.

Experiment: re-synthesizing a short voice recording (my own voice) with the spectral oscillator in Padshop 2, tweaking all sorts of parameters on the fly.

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great stuff as always Simon
thanks for sharing!

Thanks for watching.

Gold Pad

Improvising with a Padshop 2 patch which layers one spectral and one granular oscillator.

Demo for a dual engine Padshop 2 preset, the modulation wheel and pitch bend action was recorded together with the Midi notes. Padhsop 2 really has become quite a modulation monster…

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Demo for a fresh Padshop 2 patch, a dual engine preset using the new spectral oscillator, the modulation wheel shifts the focus to layer 2 and adds all sorts of modulations in layer 1.

Demo for a new Padshop 2 patch: Layer A: sample of a water drop inside a clay vase - spectral oscillator, Layer B: granular waterdrops. MW totally transforms the sound by introducing a tuned HP filter and distortion in B and adding various spectral modulations in A.

11 instances of Padshop 2 playing 11 different custom patches - 100% Padshop 2, no external effects used, some volume automation in LogicX.

Improvising with a single custom Padshop 2 patch - Mourning Voices. Some modulation wheel and aftertouch action while improvising. 100% Padshop 2.

8 fresh Padshop (2) patches in a slightly cinematic, ambient soundtrack type of thing. Plenty of modulation wheel action, some volume automation in LogicX, 100% Padshop 2.

Demo for a single patch from the upcoming sound library Polarities for Padshop 2 which uses flute and female voice, patch description embedded in the video.

Two Padshop 2 patches (Bouncing Mantra/Velocity Swirl) in action.

Four fresh Padshop 2 patches in action, some volume automation and modulation wheel action - slightly epic music…

Three fresh Padshop 2 patches in a dark ambient atmospheric track, some volume automation, modulation wheel and aftertouch action throughout the track.

Four Padshop 2 patches in a slightly melancholic demo track, 100% Padshop 2.