Padshop 2- technical question about the speed parameter

Regarding the speed parameter, the manual says:
At 100 %, the grain position progresses through the sample at the original speed and direction.

What is the “original speed” and what are its units? Is it in grains/sec?
Does it have anything to do with the wave sample rate of 44.1khz, or the note frequency (say, for an A4 note, 440 cps)? I’m just guessing here, so would greatly appreciate a definitive answer.

No one answered yet so I’ll give an update on my own research. This doesn’t answer my questions, but I think it does help explain how to use the Speed parameter.
The main purpose of this parameter, as I see it, is to determine which portion of the sample’s entire timbre, from beginning to end, contributes grains to the final sound. From the start position (the first selected grain), a fast speed moves quickly through the sample selecting grains, and these grains are far apart from each other. They reflect sounds from different points throughout the sample. But a slower rate selects grains closer to the start position, and these grains are clustered closer to each other. A very low speed only plays grains very close to the start position, so they sound a lot like that portion of the sample. And finally, a speed of zero just plays the first grain over and over.

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Thanks for the explanation.