Padshop 2 without samples

Hi, can you help me with this?
I love Padshop. In the new Cubase 12 which I upgrade I have trouble to load default banks of pads.
Some sounds are load fine, but some are load without samples. Pads bank in folder named “Padshop 2” is working almost fine, but every preset/sound in folder “Padshop Factory Content” are without samples (so when I plaing notes it’s a silence). I was wondering if these are only just presets without sounds, to which I would add samples myself, but I guess it is not?

Other thing what I want to ask, is pads bank, which was in older versions of Cubase Padshops named “Padshop Pro”. I loved it. It’s no longer continue?

Please uninstall older versions of Padshop and its content from your system.

Run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click your version of Cubase 12 and download the latest version of Padshop 2 and the Padshop 2 content from the list. Once installed, both the Padshop 2 and Padshop (Pro) Factory Content will show up in the Steinberg Library Manager.

It sounds like you’re coming from a somewhat old version of Cubase. I would recommend downloading all of the plug-ins and content from the list to make sure that you have the latest versions of everything.

Padshop Pro has been completely replaced by Padshop 2. Now every Cubase Artist/Pro user gets the Padshop Pro features for free.

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I’m glad of your help. I did everything as you wrote and everything works :slight_smile: Thank you!