Padshop 2


since I’m doing more work for post lately I’m considering “upgrading” my Cubase license to a Nuendo license. However, I saw in the product comparison list that padshop 2 is not included in Nuendo? Is that really so? I would absolutely not be able to cross-grade today if that’s the case since Padshop 2 is one of the few Steinberg synths I’ve been using in almost every project since it came out.

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Weird! :open_mouth:

That’s funny, I was just reading about P2 last night with a view to using it in my own Nuendo productions, so it is a bit of a surprise to learn that it is not included in N10.

I thought that since N10 was released we had feature parity with Cubase.

This seems like an attempt to squeeze a few extra pfennigs out of users who have already paid much more for their DAW than Cubase users.

It should be included by default.

I guess because at the moment Nuendo 10 don’t include Padshop 2, it will for the next big update… otherwise it would make no sens.
Now we have to wait for it, and with the COVID-19 confinement it will maybe delay the release…

I purchased it separately as an add-on because I like it that much.