Padshop dissapointment

The Cubase 6.5 update seems very good but Padshop is disappointing.
It seems not possible to load own samples.
The sound quality is not good. The presets sound like some mid quality mp3s.
The small red fonts are hard to read. Has anybody ever tried this out on a 30" screen
during studio work? Probably not. But even for regular pixel pitches it makes no sense
to use fonts like this in red. No need for visual obstacles during work.

Sound quality of a sample is important when you’re running it through a synth? :confused:

Where did I wrote this? It should be clear what I meant: the sound quality of the plug in itself is not good.
Of course people will come and disagree and claim it’s a synth plug in, not a recording software.
I’m talking about the sound quality I hear while tweaking the parameters - the overall sound.

Apologies, should have read twice, posted once. :laughing:

But…(respecting your opinion)

Isn’t electronic music supposed to sound grainy and distorted?

lol, no not really. Not all electronic music anyway.

Hey Gents,

I think that if you give it some time and play with it you’ll be surprised at the capabilities. I was lucky enough to do a little bit of beta testing on this, and my initial reaction was kinda similar. I was like “really? that’s it?” but after I got into learning the controls (esp. the Duration, speed and Random controls) I was really surprised at the results.

If you want to have some fun, initialize the instrument (use the INTI button way down in the lower right corner)
then set the duration control to 1,000 (max value), then start loading up the “VOICES” samples one by one. Its hilarious what kind of raw material is IN this thing. Someone has a sense of humor! And its close to my own.

To load the raw samples click on that little tiny white triangle in the upper right corner of the “big red window”. Standard file structure from there. Most are just super basic waveforms, but folder 08 “Voices” FUNNY!

Anyway, sorry you’re initial reaction was tepid, but I really think if you hang with it, you’ll be pleased and surprised at what it can do.

All the best


It’s not about capabilities (they may be huge) and humor of the programmer(s).
All points of criticism I have are still valid for me:

  • overall sound quality
  • ergonomic nonsense like small red fonts on black and vice versa
  • no sample import for own sounds

If it is meant as a sound designer’s tool … make it accessible, make it an open system, make it huge and/or transparent sounding.
I don’t expect Padshop being a Micro-Kyma (I have a Kyma) in VST form, but a little more effort in designing such a thing could help. Listen to the sound quality of Alchemy and have a look at the ergonomics of Valhalla plug ins.

I think a lot of patches in Padshop sound freakin’ fantastic…and I’m usually very picky on presets. Padshop is the first synth ever included with Cubase that I would think of using on just about any project. Great job, Steiny! I hope this is the beginning of a new trend.

  • 1 , this is very good, much better than all Predecessors, it feels and sounds a little Reasonish…only issue is the font is too small, not practical to squint when trying to be creative -

I miss drum-/percussion oriented sample material.

I agree and in fact I’m going nuts over padshop. I even created my own patches and boy this is the one I’m having a blast with. Everything and including the sound quality is just right to me and what more could I ask for? Although it would be even good sometimes if you could import your own samples but anyway I’m just quite happy of how it works just the way it is for now. I’m running this off of FL studio 10 and all I can say is this is one great software synth to have. Wayed it go steinberg :mrgreen:

Retrolouge is very good too it has some very good basic patches it sounds spectrasonics esc. Although simple…

Great instrument, great price.
But id happily pay and additional £100 purely for the opportunity to import my own samples, straight up.

As far as i understood, the bonus in granular synthesis was the fact, you could take a sounds frquency profile so to to speak and use it.
For instance, I have a track im working on right now, with some recorded brass parts in. I recorded them, they sound like my brass parts. I really want to take them and put them in padshop so that can use their grains so to speak.
Not a single patch in padshop comes anywhere close to them, that is the nature of sound, each is quite unique.

The presets are all very good and show off the synth indeed and have their own unique sound to them, but none of them are relavant to a project, all of them are good for creating random demo music but they dont FIT the sound scape of MY project because they’re presets. I want people to hear the synth and say, weird that clearly comes from the brass part, but it doesnt act the way brass acts. hmmm.

I’ve still yet to see a single reason why this feature isnt available, surely it cant be a technical logistical reason as other granular synth can import and evidently steinberg arent the kind of company like microsoft whod do something crazy and knock out a synth that can’t be back engineered to use more than its own 50 presets.

In conclusion. Is this feature going to be available or not? and where do I put my money?!
If not, I am going to be a little upset to find the cost of upgrading to Cubase 7 when it happens includes the cost of this synth that has no place other than as a Music magazine freebie that should be called Padshop ‘lite’

My fav is:
Trip 07— ‘Sucking the halucinitory’!