Padshop, GrooveAgent, Retrologue... not showing

Everything is installed, activated, and C12 is working fine, but none of the above bundled instruments are showing up when I try to add them to the rack, or as an Instrument track.

I looked in c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and although the folders for these instruments exist, there’s not much in there. Halion SE does appear in its folder, and is the one instrument working fine.

Any ideas please?

I suspect this problem is connected with my previous installation troubles:
Problem with installation

Although the installation of the instruments appears to have worked, it doesn’t seem to actually be doing anything useful.

I took matters into my own hands and copied the entire folder c:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg from my laptop (which is working fine) to my studio PC. Other than a quick message on loading Padshop about ‘License missing’ (which then immediately disappears) the instruments in question now seem to be working fine.

Have I done anything bad here? Or is it a case of “if it works it’s fine”…

When I load Padshop. I get a ‘no license found’ for a short while, and then everything seems to work after that. I hope it gets sorted out.

After checking, I think that in my case, I had Padshop as part of Absolute, and there’s a sound set that shows up when I use the dongle with C11. The other licenses haven’t gone activation yet, so that might be the cause.

Woud appreciate a response to this question, even if that is “we will look at it”.

So I’m reading into the silence that what I’ve done is fine.

Then maybe this will help others.

I’ve had no response to my question either. I have exactly the same problem. I hope this gets sorted in the next bug fix. As it is Cubase pro 12 is only half working.