Padshop inclusion in Cubase


I’ve just ordered an upgrade from Cubase Elements 6 to Artist 6.5 and I was hoping to double-check that Padshop is included. The website has confused me slightly, because on the one hand, it clearly says on the image at the top of the Padshop webpage that it is included, whereas on the detailed feature comparison, it isn’t mentioned at all for any of the versions of Cubase.

Please update the site as I doubt I’m the only one who has been confused my this.


Padshop is included with Artist 6.5

Hi Adam,

thanks for the hint. The comparison chart is now updated!

Hi Matthias - Is it possible to get AU support if Padshop/Retrologue came within my recent purchase of Cubase 6.5 ?

I’d love to have AU versions of these in addition to the current VSTs I have.

Please let me know if and how, if you would be so kind…

Thank you,