Padshop Interface Labels now showing properly

Hello folks,
A friend has issues with Padshop’s interface. Its showing a bunch of lines instead of the labels for the oscillator’s knobs on both left and right sides (random, position, offset, level, width and gain)

Here you can see how it looks. The video focuses on the left side, but the right side labels are also messed up:

We tried:

  1. Window > Windows > Reset Layout
  2. Window > Windows > Restore
  3. Switch to generic editor and back

Nothing changes.

Any ideas about what we should do to fix this?


I have to say I can’t see anything is wrong. But you can try to trash Padshop Preferences located in:
%appData% Steinberg/Padshop folder. Rename this folder and start Cubase again. Padshop should work with the Factory settings.

Hi Martin,

The mouse pointer on the video shows the area of the instrument which labels are not showing properly. Under the knows, instead of the label “Position”, for instance, there is a label like this: ||||||

And the same happens for the 6 knobs on the left and right side

So, just rename the folder?

If the issue is fixed, do we delete the folder, or just keep it under the renamed name?


Yes, just rename the folder. If renaming of the folder will fix it, you can delete the renamed folder.

Hi Martin. It didn’t work. What else can we try?


What graphics card do you have? Could you try the latest driver?

Do you use HiDPI screen? Is HiDPI enabled in your Cubase?

Its an HP Pavilion g6 laptop with an intel HD3000 graphics chipset
He is using the laptop’s screen. Its not an HiDPI screen.


I have a feeling, there are some threads related to the Intel HD 3000 graphics chipset. Please search the forum.


I read a bunch of those threads, and none relates directly to Padshop, nor is there a clear solution to the graphic incompatibility between Cubase and the HD3000.

What do you suggest?


I’m sorry, I’m not Windows expert. I would recommend to try to update the driver, or install an older driver.

Thank you Martin. Is there a windows magician here in the forum that you would recommend me?

Thank you again!