PadShop just paid for itself!

Aloha guys,

On Friday I got a call from a young group of musicians who wanted to know:
‘Do you have the new Padshop’?

When I told them yes, they booked some studio time.

When they came in today, I played the new Cubase demo song to show them
what PS could do.

They loved it and from that point they did not need me for anything.
All they wanted to do was to sit at the 'puter and
play with PS and LoopMash.

I sat in my office the whole time.

They ‘worked’ for more than 3 hrs and when they left all they wanted was for me to put their finale work on a flash drive in MP3 format.
(I also gave them a CD but I don’t think they really wanted it).

Not my cup of tea but I guess when it comes to the younger musicians,
Steinberg has their finger on the correct button.

The artists were happy.
The studio got paid.
Tranquillity was achieved.


Cool! :sunglasses:

Haha! Life is a funny place! :laughing:

Happy days :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, happy days indeed :laughing:

Nice one indeed! :slight_smile:

This post deserves a Steinberg coffee cup Ed! :laughing:

Sounds like great customers. I need a few like that.

Ok, that’s it. I’m upgrading. :laughing:

I could do with more than just a few! :smiley:

Would a used one be okay? :wink:

Sure, if you have a few thousand spare ones… :wink: .


but Ed’s cup is still filled with herbal tea. Maybe we can add some used drinking straws as well.

(Please forgive me Ed…)