padshop license

When I try to open padshop in Cubase 10 Pro I get the “no valid license” message. I reinstalled Cubase, reinstalled the elicense control center, performed maintenance tasks, tried all the steps in this article:

I suspect it’s because I accidentally tried to update to Cubase 10.5 without a valid license, and that’s messed everything up. I read this thread: and it looks like the only thing that worked was upgrading to Cubase 10.5, but I’d rather not do that right now.

Any idea how I can get out of this mess?

Ok I figured it out, for anyone who has the same problem: remove Padshop and all it’s contents from the steinberg library manager, a then install it again from the “additional content” folder in the installation folder (C:/Users/username/Downloads/Steinberg/WIN64/Cubase Pro Full Installer…) if you still have it. If not you’ll have to downloaded it again from the steinberg download assistance.