Padshop not showing up as 64 bit plugin

I just purchased Padshop Pro and installed the AU in the latest version of Logic 9.1.8.

It shows up in Logic as a 32 bit plugin, but not as a 64 bit plugin.

The specs for this synth indicate that it is 64 bit for mac:

Can anyone confirm that this plugin is indeed a 64 bit AU for Mac? The only other time I’ve seen this error was with a plugin that was incorrectly promoted as 64 bit, but turned out to be 32 bit only for mac.

Padshop Pro is indeed 64 bit. My guess is maybe 64 bit is not turned on in Logic. Do a quick Get Info on the Logic Icon and see if the OPEN IN 32 BIT box is checked. If it is then uncheck it. I accidentally had Studio Pro 2 set this way so the plugins were showing up as 32 bit.