Padshop not working + ImpulseLibrary_04 missing

after a short try-out period with Cubase Elements, I recently did the update to CubasePro 10. However, I have some questions/problems:
1.Padshop does not work at all. I notice that in ‘Library>ApplicationSupport>Steinberg>Content>Padshop’ there are no files in the VST Sound folder (unlike Groove Agent, HALion and Retrologue).
2.The content of CubasePro10 stated that Padshop2 should be included, I only see Padshop (not Padshop2).
3.For the BassAmplifier, the ‘ImpulseLibrary_04.vstsound apparently is missing. Where can I find it and can I install it separately?

Thank you for any help.


Try to reinstall Cubase, please. Make sure you:

  • Download the Full Installer.
  • Unpack the ZIP file and install from the unzipped folder.
  • Install from the setup.exe.
  • Install as administrator.

Hi Martin,
thank you for your respons.
Except that I’m on a Mac, I already did everything you described.


Do I understand you right, you have installed from the Full installer?

Then what exactly does it mean, Padshop is not working at all? Is the GUI there? You just don’t get a sound?

The *.vstsound files for Padshop should be located at:
system,/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/Padshop/VST Sound

  • FCP_SMT_113_Padshop.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_789_Padshop2.vstsound

Then others are at:
system/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

  • FCP_SMT_788_Padshop_Presets.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_790_Padshop2_Presets.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_796_Retrologue2_Presets.vstsound

You can copy them manually from the mounted installer.

ImpulseLibrary sounds more like the Reverence library for me.This is located at:
system/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound

  • FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_04.vstsound

Hi Martin,

yes, I have installed from the ‘full version’ from the Steinberg shop.
I can see a lot of presets when I open Padshop, but no sound is coming out.
As I mentioned before, there are no files in my 'Library>Application Support>Steinberg>Content>Padshop>VST sound-folder.
I did not know which files should be in this folder, I guess when I find those 5 files you described, and drop them in the proper folder, Padshop will be working?
The message ‘Cannot locate Speaker Impulse Response File: FCP_SMT_005_Reverence_ImpulseLibrary_04.vstsound’ occurs when I open VST Bass Amp and try to load 1 of the many presets.

Note: maybe I can try to install CubasePro again on an external HD, find the missing files and copy them to my Cubase app I’am working with?


Yes, this will be working.

I don’t think it’s necessary to install it to the external drive. Either try to reinstall Cubase again to your system drive (the files should be installed) or just copy the files manually, please.

Hi Martin,

I’m a happy Guy because everything (VST Bass Amp + Padshop) is functioning now.
I had to download Cubase again from Steinberg (Mac trows away the dmg-file after the initial install) and after opening it I saw the ‘Additional Content’ folder in which the missing files were located. Dropped them in the proper folders and … ‘sound’.
Thank you for your helpful support.