padshop parameter problems when using ".vstpreset"s in ablet

i have a problem with padshop pro, i use version 64bit in ableton live 8.4 x64 on windows 7 x64.
when i load “.vstpreset” files in padshop via the “import preset” dropdown menu (the up/down arrows at the right side of the waveform display), each time i load the same preset the parameters are different, my many self-made presets are thus rendered unusable.

this happens in ableton live only whereas in my other 2 daws it does not.
i checked in cubase studio 5.5.3 as well as reaper 4, and there it is different, the loading of vstpresets is all right.

what could be wrong here?

in order to solve this issue, i want to convert all my padshop vstpresets into fxp by means of FXTRACTOR as the fxp recall works well in padshop within ableton without the issue.

however, when trying the conversion of my presets i get an error message saying “no fxp or fxb data found in this file” (or similar).
what am i supposed to do as i want the padshop to be useful also in abletonlive?

It’s fairly tedious but load up padshop in Ableton with the init preset. Group padshop, then save the group in a user folder related to the category of the preset (bass, leads, pads etc…). Choose “save” on the group and type in the name of the preset. Then switch to the next preset with the Padshop GUI, click “save” on the group in Ableton, type in the name of the Preset and hit enter… keep doing this until you have a group of each preset saved. Then you’ll be able to access the presets from Ableton. The upside to this is that you can also browse and load these types of presets from the “Push” controller if you have one or plan to get one. A few hours and sore wrists for one night and you wont have to do it again.

If you have or plan to acquire a Push controller, make sure when you load and group that first “init” preset that you set up some sort of control mapping which will be saved with each group preset you make after that. I suggest just mapping the filters, envelopes, main controls, and FX for both A & B as well as the slider. If you have spares you could map some modulation slots. The waveform controls will be fiddly from the controller because of their naming scheme and you wont know what you’re tweaking. I have a mapping that I made for Padshop and plan to do the presets soon (working 50+ hours a week and going to school right now) but I don’t know when I’ll have time.

I’m not around here much but I could send you the init preset with mapping if you’re interested.

Thank you. I will try this as soon as I can.

The problem didn’t appear again since my latest system restore by means of an Acronis image.
I don’t know why before the restore things went awry with the parameter recall of Padshop.

Thanks anyway, Airyck, for your kindness.

Just wanted to give new life to this thread:

The problem is still there, only it is that I haven’t used Padshop much lately.
Today I tested, and the issue persists indeed.

Any new information on that? Could it be a Windows-only problem?
Have any of you experienced this issue rising?


As you know … when samples are saved only the waveform is saved and the Padshop settings at the time of the save are not. When presets are saved the waveform is saved and so are the Padshop settings at the time of the save. So … when samples are loaded from the sample browser … only the waveform is loaded … and … when presets are loaded the waveforms are loaded as are the associated Padshop settings.

In your case … and I can only speculate … it sounds like Padshop is either not recognizing the Padshop settings associated with your imported presets (and thereby it uses those currently in use) … or … is not erasing the current Padshop settings and then replacing them with the settings associated with your imported preset. So … I’d suspect Padshop before Windows or Ableton.

How about your factory presets as an example … do the Padshop settings get messed up when those are loaded?

Overall … I have questions but not solutions!


Ken, thanks for your reply.

However, I never SAVE Samples alone as such, or even Presets. Instead, I “EXPORT preset with sample” or I “IMPORT preset” (the two-arrow-button at the right side of the waveform display).

So, your comment is well-meant but I don’t think it helps in this particular case.

I just tested some more now. It definitely boils down to an initialization problem:

  1. Create an Ableton set with an instance of Padshop in it.
  2. Save the project, then reload it again.
  3. Click the INIT button (in the lower right corner of the Padshop GUI) repeatedly many times.
    Upon each click, the parameters are garbled randomly as if the INIT button were a RANDOMIZE button!

Please, anyone who is more knowledgeable than I am: Could you perform these 3 steps in your Ableton Live software? I am especially interested in Mac users to see whether they also are plagued by this behavior. By all means, do report back here.

Thanks all for reading and helping out.


Your INIT button behavior … that’s just weird … if mine did that I’d throw that puppy into the Modulation Matrix!

I’m not an Ableton or Win 7/64 user so I ain’t gonna be any help. Seems weird though that it doesn’t happen in your other DAWS.

Seems some of the Alchemy users were having similar problems with Alchemy when used with Ableton 9 and Win 7/64 … just saw it here … … seemed a rescan of the user data base helped. The presets can be rescanned in Padshop by doing an ALT + Click in the preset browser … although I’m thinkin’ you’ve already done that. Anyhow … maybe the link can give ya more clues.

Just curious about a couple of things …

What happens if ya do your 3 step procedure using one of the Factory presets instead of one of your own … does the INIT button still randomize the preset settings? If not … maybe Ableton doesn’t like your Export/Import procedure. When I add samples I move them to the sample folder manually. When I want to save a preset I save it using the little Save Preset icon. I never use the Up/Down arrow icon.

What happens if you create a preset in another DAW … and save it using the Save Preset icon and then go through your 3 step procedure in Ableton … does the INIT button still randomize the preset settings?

I’m just grasping at straws here … and thinking about how I’d diagnose the problem.

Wish I could be more help!


I am about to reinstall my Windows machine afresh owing to different issues.
Perhaps my previous DAW setup was just messed up.

So, one of the first things to test will be Ableton Live and Padshop.