Padshop preset organisation query.

I have been loving Padshop Pro and my only gripe is that you can’t import your own wav files.
My question is this. I recently bought the new Zero Gravity sound set. It seems a simple thing but these presets were merged with the original and I can’t seem to think how I might differentiate them.
Well the presets come up if you do a search. I would suggest that in the column to the right of the rating they could include developer info. Just a thought

What do you mean? Importing my own samples was the main reason i upgraded to Padshop Pro. Even works by drag and drop.


I am obviously an idiot as I have not tried it.
However, how about the organisation of presets into sound libraries other than using the search facilities.
I have just tried the sample import - dead easy and sounding good.

The only thing I can think of is to enable the Location Tree view in the presets browser. Under the Padshop node I have Factory and FactoryPro - you should have a third folder with the new presets.


Thanks I will try that tomorrow.

have you noticed any strange tremolo effect when loading in long samples, anything over 5-6 seconds ???

tried to load in some vocal phrases for fx work and got some strange behaviour. !!

I have spent a day trying to make sense of the preset management system of Padshop Pro. You know what? It is very difficult to understand and it is not mentioned at all in the instruction manual.

The only way its seems you are able to find my Zero Gravity Library is typing in the search box. The filter section seems to be no help at all, as the genre demarcations seem to be too general. Even then you still are not able to distinguish factory presets from imported libraries. There does not seem to be any provision for a favourites folder.

Perhaps I am doing this all wrong, but is is disappointing with such a brilliant synth.

It should be possible in the location tree, I don’t have the expansion but factory and factory pro are split by folder so I assume they all are.
location tree.png

Thanks for that.
Strange cos I just get the window with the filters on the left side. No Location tree - the media bay kind of thing.
I can’t see how to access the location tree.

Ahh found it. Clue in the bottom right of your jpeg. Bought up a little box and ticked location tree. The problem I had was the window was fully extended and the bottom disappears out of the bottom of the screen.

Thanks a lot.