Steinberg is elated to release free trial versions for its two synths, Padshop Pro and Retrologue. Both trials come with the same functionality as the full versions and can be used for 30 days.

Padshop Pro is the next step in the evolution of Steinberg’s acclaimed granular synthesizer Padshop and offers exciting new features for experimental sound design. The pro version comes with a drag and drop sample import function, a 3-band parametric EQ, a high-quality algorithmic reverb and 50 new presets.

Retrologue is an exceptional virtual analog synth that spices up your production with first-class analog purity. Highlights of Retrologue include two cutting multi-oscillators, an earth-shattering sub- and noise-oscillator, twelve quality filter types and a high-class FX section.

Both synths feature full VST and AU support and come with a variety of production-ready presets that will expand your creativity.

[Links updated on July 16, 2015]

Padshop Pro Trial for Mac (373 MB)
Padshop Pro Trial for Windows (306 MB)

Retrologue Trial for Mac (49 MB)
Retrologue Trial for Windows (59 MB)

Hello there,
I have Padshop Pro Trial running, remaining time ca. 26 days.
Today I bought Padshop as well as Padshop Pro Upgrade in quick succession.
The licenses for “Padshop” and “Padshop Pro Extension” were successfully downloaded to my USB-eLicenser.

Need I uninstall the trial version of PsP and then install the PsP full version installer ? Or will the trial version detect my full license on my USB eLicenser and adapt accordingly, turning into a full version? What needs to be done ?

(Btw, I use Win 7 64 on a PC.)

Please, Matthias or any other Steinberg official or even a Padshop Pro user,
could someone help me with this question ? I have no idea now as to what to do when the trial period is over…

I expect you don’t have to do anything. If you have a padshop pro full license on your dongle, it’ll work just fine, no need to reinstall padshop. It’s exactly the same program, just the license changes which the eLCC takes care of.
Unless the trial version doesn’t have the same functionality, but if I am to believe the OP they’re identical.

Hi Matthias, I have an inquietude, I downloaded the Padshop pro trial, and I see 3 folder in the UI: User, Padshop and Padshop Pro, but I understood that the Padshop pro comes with Zero Gravity expansion and I don’t see a folder with that name. The questions are:

1.- Does include the trial version; the Zero Gravity sounds?,
2.- when I buy the Padshop Pro it will included Zero Gravity built-in or is an different installer?, or
3.- Do I need to buy first Padshop and after upgrade to the bundle Padshop pro+Zero Gravity.

Thanks for your response,

Thanks for info… :sunglasses:


I have Padshop and thought before upgrading to Padshop pro, I would try it with trial version.

But Steinberg sent me link to download the Padshop and not the Padshop pro trial version. The email however states thanks for showing interest in trying Padshop pro, but the link downloaded Padshop trial version and not PRO.

Can you please help?


Activate the downloaded/emailed licence on the elicencer and you will have the PRO version.

Steinberg didn’t send me any trial license. They said when it ask to activate just cancel and the product will run in trial mode. The main problem I’m facing is , they sent me only padshop trial link not the pro version.

Padshop and Padshop PRO are the same program - only the licence on elicencer activates Normal or PRO

Installation of the Trial activates a trial-license. When it asks to activate click YES or so. It activates the Trial not the permanent license.

Yes I understood that. But where is the license? I didn’t receive.

Will the trial version setup file name is Padshop_Trial.exe? Or Padshop_Pro_Trial.exe? I received the first one.

The email I received with the link has no license information for trial versions.

It didn’t ask me to activate after installing. And while installing, it shows “UPDATE” option and not install. So isn’t it clear that the installer I got was for Padshop and not pro?

I am waiting to get a trial version of Padshop PRO. But it seems not available. Please re-phrase that only Padshop is available as trial version. Or try to figure it out.

There is no padshop pro trial version so please change the title of this post. Steinberg only providing padshop trial version and no trial license sent.

im having the same issue

no pro trial,only regular padshop

anyone have luck with running a pro trial?


Glad to know I’m not alone and to have a company.

As I said there is no pro version for trial. Steinberg themselves don’t know. Despite of many emails to the support team and many posts here, they only give the same link and repeat same thing.

Hi all,

Unfortunately the links provided in the initial post from 2012 are not valid anymore.

Here are the new links for the installer of Padshop Pro. After the installation you have the choice to install a local 30 day trial of the Pro version on your system or to enter a full activation code.

Hi Matthias,

I didn’t use the links from this post (which you said 2012), I got it directly from the Steinberg padshop pro webpage.

If the links you sent are same then I’m afraid it is not pro version.