Padshop pro custom preset saving not working

Again sorry this is posted in the general effects section. I am unable to post in the padshop pro section even though I have an elicense and I am registered on the site.

I am unable to save my custom presets in the audio unit version of padshop pro.
The default path that opens when I press the save button is
HD - my user area - library - audio - presets - steinberg media technologies - padshop

the default filename is

The files I am saving are not showing up in my user folder perhaps because it is defaulting to a vst3 extension?

The factory presets are stored on my computer:
Hd - Library - Audio - Presets - Steinberg Media Technologies - (factory and factory pro folders)

I can’t find a user folder anywhere on my system

Did you ever figure this out? I just downloaded the newest version of PadShop Pro and am running into this issue as well.

User presets are defaulting to a .vst3.preset extension. Even if I change the extension to “.vstpreset” like the rest of the presets that some stock with PadShop Pro it still won’t let me load it.

This is happening to me too and yet it was working fine just last week. This is the old bug that affected it before the last update but for some reason it’s resurfaced. I can’t save any presets.