Padshop Pro disappears with C11?

Is Padshop Pro and my license gone away? I don’t find it in my elicenser or on my Products Page. Does C11 include the PadShop Pro within Padshop 2? WTH?

I believe Padshop 2 is an upgrade from Padshop Pro and is included in Cubase 11.

But my eLicenser as well as mySteinberg account still show a “Padshop Pro Extension”

And it seems to be a seamless drop-in replacement. i.e. The VSTi is still just called Padshop, so it invisibly takes over from PadShop Pro.

I’ve used my Padshop Pro sounds inside Padshop 2 just fine.

p.s. However, I’ve only used it inside Cubase, so I’m not sure what might happen from the perspective of another DAW.