Padshop Pro factory content not working on Padshop 2

Hello there,

I recently purchased Cubase Pro 10.5 and automatically got Padshop Pro updated to Padshop 2. The problem is that all the old presets are not working anymore: as soon as I load a preset from the folder “Padshop Pro factory content”, I see no samples being loaded at all (I can still see the sample name though).

Also, from the samples dropdown menu, I noticed that all the Padshop Pro samples are gone.

I don’t get it, have they really removed all the samples from Padshop Pro or is my Padshop 2 not installed / working correctly? Before opening a ticket, I want to check in with other users.

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Update: I uninstalled Padshop 2 and reinstalled it using Steinberg Download Assistant. Now it works properly.

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