Padshop Pro in Finale


I’m using padshop pro in finale printmusic & cubase 8, but I am having a problem with finale. When I create a score the instruments are given channel numbers and I can then change the sound source to Padshop pro. Problem is that each channel or instrument on the finale side always points to the last sound selected in padshop for the last instrument in the score list. I can’t seem to be able to assign each sound in padshop to a particular channel in my finale score. For example I assign Ambient Awakening to channel 1 and then go to the next instrument in my score (channel 2) list and assign its sound to Violin Octave Beauty. But somehow this now becomes the sound for channel 1 - it’s as if finale only allows for a single instance of the selected vst. Hope this makes sense and I’ve explained it properly.

Any help much appreciated

Cheers, CD