Padshop pro is only padshop The emperor has no clothes.

I just bought the “upgrgade” to Padshop pro for 10 bucks. I already have padshop from my previous upgrade to Cubase 6.5

But the download given to me was Padshop_Update_1.1.0.134_Installer_win

Now this is ONLY an update to Padshop which I already had for free and NOT an UPGRADE to PRO which I paid for

I dont get it

any help?

Same installer, different license (like Cubase Artist 6 and Cubase 6).
Install the update (if you haven’t already), activate your Padshop Pro license, and you’ll have Padshop pro.

Got it done

also figured out how to reinstall the padshop 64bit >>> you have to check off the little box allowing all users to use it…sort of a weird thing but it worked