Padshop Pro on two computers.

I am a little confused, so maybe somone can help me. I have two computers in two different country’s. When they say that you can only have Padshop Pro installed on one computer, does that mean one computer AT ONE TIME, or does it mean that I just cannot use it on two computers?
I brought my eLicencer with Cubase, Padshop Pro etc with me from Norway to my second computer in Thailand. Cubase works fine , but can I not use Padshop Pro here without loosing my license in Norway?

You didn’t lose your license in Norway, you brought it to Thailand.

You can install Padshop on many computers and you can use it on computers that has access to a license. Basically, if you own two licenses you can use Padshop on two computers.

Thanks for your quick response!! :slight_smile: