PadShop Pro please help

A while ago i purchased PadShop Pro, i upgraded from regular cuz i have Cubase 6.5
I installed it activated e tc…now i went onto my other StartUp System and in there
its only Padshop, i can’t find the installer…what do i do please help?

Ok, this is whats going on:
I have 2 Systems on the same Computer, i use one of them more then the other,
the one i always use, i had PadshopPro, ElecDrums, HypnoticDance and DarkPlanet.
I also installed those on the other System. Now, the other System in Licenser has
all of the Licenses but only ElecDrums shows up in Cubase, PadShop is regular, not pro.
Now, in the other system, has all 3 Licenses except PadShop Pro but still, only ElecDrums
shows in Cubase…nothing else, i updated the eLicenser, i did the maintenance but nothing.
What do i do?

And yes, my HalionSonic SE is 1.6 updated. Does it have to do anything with updating to
Cubase 6.5.3 today? On both Systems.

Please help?

Ok, now i tested again, its even more weird, if you go to MediaBay, the content of Dark Planet
and the others is all there, you sellect a Sound open it and when you open Halion to edit the Sounds
Dark Planet Edit Page and logo is there and everything but if you go thru HalionSonic Browser it doesnt
show up there, and i know they used to show like separate libraries in there, now even the factory presets
are not under the Browser, at least not all of them.

A while ago i purchased PadShop Pro,

Aloha B,

The actual ‘PadShop and PadShop Pro’ forum might be a bit more helpful.

Folks over there are discussing, ‘all PadShop, all the time’. :slight_smile:

Find it here:


And, Padshop Pro will only be seen as such after activating the license for it. It’s otherwise the same install as regular Padshop (1.1).