Padshop Pro Pre-purchase Question

Want to try Padshop Pro and have a couple of pre-purchase questions. I’ll be using it with Windows and Reaper.

  1. For licensing … does it require the USB eLicenser … or … the eLCC Licenser?

  2. Will it run on Windows Vista 32?

  3. Does it come with VST 2?




Thanks for the quick reply … but the info in the link you provided does not answer the first 2 questions.

The link doesn’t say if a dongle is needed or not.

Although the link specifies Windows 7 … that does not clearly mean that Padshop Pro will not run on Windows Vista. Many programs developed (or tested) on more recent operating systems still run properly on older operating systems. As an example … many new programs work fine on Windows XP although they were developed for use on a newer operating system. I need to know if that is the case with Padshop Pro in regards to Windows Vista.


I think the best way to discover this is running a demo in windows Vista:

Correct, the minimum system requirements does not list such a requirement. Then you do not need one.

The minimum system requirements list Windows 7. Windows Vista is not supported. Even if it runs with Vista or any older version of Windows today, an update could end such happiness at any time. Also, there may be functionality that does not work properly, even if PP overall appears to work.

Aloha guys and a major thanks for this thread.

I have had Padshop for a while now
and I enjoy creating sounds with it.

But for some reason my ‘stupid brain’ told me
that to update to PS Pro would be really expensive; so I never looked into it.

Then about an hour or so ago I read this thread and thought,
‘why not just check My Steinberg and see just how much $$$ the upgrade would be’
from Basic to Pro.

IT WAS 9.99 USD!!! I grabbed it!

Mahalo again guys and sending much Aloha.
I’ll have fun tomorrow.

Had Padshop Pro for a month or so now … no need to worry … works just fine on Vista.

if you like pad shop pro (as i am) i can also highly recommend the granular symphonies pack, even when you’re not into presets at all. The way this is programmed and the soundresults are just mindblowing and you can learn a lot of what you can do with the instrument and how. I’ve also never heard anything come close to this on any granular synth. And for the price (30 euro’s) this isn’t really an issue.

kind regards,