Padshop Pro preset browser

I’ve been using Padshop PRO quite extensively on a new project and
I find ‘‘QUITE IRRITATING’’ that you can’t keep the preset browser always open.
Considering that you have to constantly reopen the browser every time you tweak something
in ridiculous. I would expect the choice of ‘‘always on top or open’’ in the PRO version at least.

Please build a patch or something, Padshop is a wonderful piece of software, but this omition


i fully agree with you. klick-(filter)-select over and over again is bad workflow.
this isn’t optimal and they know how to change it. for example in the halion sonic 2 (full version) they give an integrated media browser. works like a charm. Also every native instrument works with an decent integrated browser and lot’s of others do it too. but no idea when this one will be fixed, and don’t know if it 's to be called a fix because other than bad workflow there is nothing to fix…

kind regards,

After some research and tinkering, I was able to achieve some kind of a ‘‘Plan B’’ type of solution with the Media Browser. I get access to all factory presets at one glance, but too much mouse work to drag and drop, save to user presets folder etc… All in all, it’s like backing up a semi full of earth to plant one daisy. A Padshop Pro fix would be SOOOO SIMPLE!!!


100% AGREE!!!


+1 !!!

H5 can do it so why not PS?