Padshop Pro presets in Halion Sonic?

Hi guys

Can anyone confirm this is how its supposed to be: I have Halion Sonic installed as well as Absolute VSTi Collection - for some reason I dont see any Padshop presets within HS Browser … all other parts of the collection(Hypnotic Dance,Dark Planet and Triebwerk) are in the Halion sonics preset list …but the Padshop Pro is not . Just for the record - Padshop pro works normally as a single vsti …

Or am i missing something here?

Thanx for your replies guys


Don’t think padshop is a halion based vst so it only works as a stand alone not as part of halion sonic.
Hope that helps

Ants , thanx for your reply - and yes that helps a lot . I just wanted to make sure, everything’s working as it’s supposed to …

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Don’t you have Auron presets? Assuming you have HS2.

Nope … I just have HS SE2 and the old HS … but reading your post JMCecil I realized I was missing that upgrade … so I just placed an order for H5 upgrade from my Absolute VST Collection … Cecil thanx for pointing that out and off they go … my 100 Euros … LOL :slight_smile:


HAH, I’m great at spending other peoples money.

FYI, Auron is the macro front end to the H5/HS2 granular engine. That granular engine is very similar to Padshop. In H5, it is WAY more powerful if you bypass Auron and just make your own granular layered patches. Use Auron for ideas of how to set up your zones and controls.

Hehehe JMC, indeed you know how to get others peeps money outta their pockets - you should be a banker or investment advisor … think about it :slight_smile:
Thanx for your input m8 - it was greatly appreciated.

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