Padshop Pro purchase options

I want to purchase Padshop Pro, I already have Padshop on C7.5, but I am confused about the options.
What is the difference from Padshop Bundle (€34.99) and the Full Version (€79.99) ?

Sorry to ask, I couldn’t find this information in the net.

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All you need to purchase is the “Upgrade from Padshop (Basic Upgrade)”.

If I remember correctly, you will just receive an activation code to enter for your eLicencer. After activation, the “Pro” functionality will be unlocked when using it within Cubase.

Oh, I got it… So, the full version is for those users who don’t have any Padshop version, is that right?

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Correct, if you have Cubase you have Padshop and need only to purchase the “Basic Upgrade” (e.g. $10).