Padshop Pro released

Hi everyone,

With the Padshop granular synthesizer, we were keen to offer a virtual synthesizer based on recent Steinberg developments in sound synthesis. While the textures created with granular synthesis are compelling yet also perceived as difficult to produce, Padshop was to make this technique readily available for anyone using a VST host and, more importantly, excel through its easy and efficient way to control the many parameters. Obviously Padshop’s effortless approach to granular synthesis has been very well received.

When we first released Padshop at the end of February, a bigger version with extended capabilities had been planned to meet the demands of professional sound designers. Taking Padshop a step further would also mean to delve deeper into the possibilities of granular synthesis. Making these accessible to users looking for a more powerful solution, however, would also provide that degree of complexity not associated with the integral concept.

Padshop Pro is Steinberg’s advanced granular synthesizer that shines with more effects, user sample import and more presets than in the basic version. Also included are VST backward compatibility as well as AU support. Today we are proud to finally release this advanced version of Padshop along with the upgrades and the first expansion pack and we are looking forward to your feedback. Hopefully you will have as much fun with creating your own granular sounds as we had in the last couple of weeks in the beta phase.

thanks steiny …a welcome release so now padshop is truely unique and unlimited :smiley: :smiley:

Bought it but the download link is NOT Padshop PRO (upgrade from original Padshop)

I re-downloaded it and my installer does NOT specify it is PRO.

Needless to say, the interface hasn’t changed.

You guys should check the links, IMO.

you need to look at the other topics and enter your activation code which was sent to you via email

And shine it certainly does, Matthias. Please give our thanks to the people involved in making this happen!!

Personally, I am most grateful for the user sample import. :stuck_out_tongue:

I downloaded it but came without any activation code ?


I bought it, together with other VST intrument sets and loops. They all had activation codes written under the download link PLUS I got them also on e-mail.
You can always see this info again, whenever needed, in your MySteinberg account (which I suppose you already have).
After activation, this info gets passed on your e-licenser. I highly recommend having a backup e-licenser once a year of so.Just me being cautious :slight_smile: