Padshop Pro & Retrologue Library

I am using Cubase Pro 10.0.10.

Recently I am facing these two issues:

  1. The instrument presets of 'Retrologue 2 Factory Libray; & ‘Retrologue Factory Library’ of Retrologue (V and ‘Padshop Library’ & ‘Padshop Pro Library’ of Padshop Pro (V are not being dragged from the right zone to create an instrument track with the loaded instrument preset. Double click also is not working, even right click > create track is not working.
    Only the presets of ‘MPE Padshop’ & ‘MPE Retrologue’ are loading by drag & drop, by double click, by right click > create track.

  2. When I am opening the preset browser of both Padshop & Retrologue it is showing only the ‘MPE Padshop’ & ‘MPE Retrologue’ libraries under the ‘Content Set’ column. Only after enabling ‘Location Tree’ then all Libraries are showing there. (images attached herewith)

But when I am opening Cubase 9.5 Pro then there is no issues, everything is absolutely fine.

Any solutions or suggestions ? Please help.


Have you Installed c9.5 for single user or all users? C10 installs all content for all users and that may cause the problem. I had lots of content issues when upgraded. Easiest solution was to re-install everything. I wrote instructions on the issues section.

Thanks Jazman2k for your suggestion. But till yesterday morning everything was fine in CB 10. I was mixing a project through the day. In the evening I suddenly experienced these issues.

I’m seen exactly the same issue.
I just updated Padshop and Retrologue this morning, not sure if this was happening before :confused:


  1. I tested this, and I cannot confirm it. But I agree, there is an issue. My observation:
    1.1. Double-click to the Padshop preset => Track is not created.
  • Click to the preset name, wait for some time, once the preview is loaded, double-click => Track is created.
    1.2. Click and immediately move the Pdashop preset to the project area => Track is not created.
  • Click to the preset name, wait for some time, once the preview is loaded, click again and move it to the project area => Track is created.
    1.3. Right-click and select the Create Track menu item => Works to me.
  1. I can’t reproduce this with Padshop (not Pro) on Mac.

Hi there!
1.1. it is not doing it for me, neither the preview, nor the tracks are created.
1.2. After clicking and waiting, I can’t still drag it to the project window, it simply doesn’t load and it won’t let me drag.
1.3. Not working here. “Show in Explorer” menu option, also doesn’t do anything.

Padshop Library and Pro Library on Win10 here. MPE works just fine.

Also noted that MPE library preset, don’t have the “Show in explorer” menu option for some reason, Padshop Library and Pro Library do.


Did you try with the MPE sounds only? I haven’t try these with the MPE sounds. Maybe this could be different, because the MPE sounds are multi-track presets.

Could you try with non-MPE sounds, please?

Hi Martin!, If I understand correctly, yes, I tried presets from all three libraries,
MPE sounds works without any problem, I can drag and drop to the project, preview works just fine, everything as expected.
Factory and Factory Pro libraries, they don’t, as ghkaus mentioned, I can only browse them if I open the “Location Tree” directly from the plugin, but not preview them or drag them from the “Media” tab on the right panel. They do show though and I can browse them but not use them.

Attached another image.

Hi Martin,

I have already mentioned that sounds of only the MPE libraries of Padshop Pro & Retrologue 2 are loading from the right zone without any issues.
Also when the preset browser of Padshop & Retrologue is opened then only the MPE Libraries are showing under the Content Set, and showing the sounds only of the MPE libraries. After opening the Location Tree, then other libraries are found and after refreshing the browser, all sounds are coming in the browser.
One more thing I have to mention here that from the browser of the both instruments, all sounds of all libraries (after opening Location Tree and refresh) can be dragged to create a new instrument track.

Same is happening to me. No result.