After purchasing or already owning any of the ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION individual instrument licenses or upgrading Padshop version (also included in Cubase 6.5 and Cubase Artist 6.5) to the Padshop Pro license, then is there another upgrade path option from Padshop + Zero Gravity Instrument Set (Upgrade Bundle) or the Padshop (Basic Upgrade) Pro Full Version to the ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION since the ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION already includes the Padshop Pro license and all the other ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION licenses, instead of the only other upgrade option being the Upgrade for Cubase customers Cubase 6.5 or Cubase Artist 6.5 required to the full ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION licenses? Since the only upgrade options are are upgrade from padshop basic to Pro for 9.00 or upgrade from padshop basic+zerogravity to Pro for only 39.00, why isn’t Padshop Pro included with Cubase 6.5 instead of only Padshop basic LE as an incentive to upgrade to Cubase 6.5? For example, Apple includes the full EXS24 Sampler and not a basic dumbed down LE version of the EXS24 Sampler with Logic Pro. So there is no reluctancy whether there is an incentive or not for long time Logic Pro users to upgrade Logic Pro even with the low frequency of Logic Pro updates Apple releases. This is like Steinberg is saying if you’ve bought Cubase from us in the past, you can order an upgrade to Cubase 6.5 now for $199, but if you’ve bought Cubase from us in the past, a full Padshop Pro license will cost you another $9 or $39. thanks.

Very interesting…

It would be fair for people who already have padshop and retrologue etc. to get a special price on absolute…

(If i understand you correctly…; )

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yes, that is my point precisely existing individual Steinberg vst instrument license owners of Padshop Pro and Retrologue etc, should get an special price break incentive and upgrade path to ABSOLUTE VST INSTRUMENT COLLECTION.

yes i looked at this this morning and was quite tempted till i realised that it included padshop pro , so for me it would be a waste of money , shame really i was interested in the sound sets ,just have to buy them separately i suppose :frowning:

Just though about it again this morning…

It would be nice to have a special price…

If absolute were a modular synth, and i already own 3 blocks(psp, retro and 0g) i would welcome the idea of adding the other modules of the “absolute modular synth” for a nice price…:wink:

Many companies are doing this nowadays…(dynamic pricing)


I agree with the sentiment here … it seems very strange to pay quite a high price for products you should already have (even though I have not yet been supplied with Padshop or Retologue for my version of Cubase Artist 7) …

It seems crazy to me … that a professional, large company like Steinberg would not be offering product packages for:

  • Triebwerk, Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance sets as a package
  • all the VST instrument sets as a package
  • sequel content sets as complete package
  • all the VST loop sets as a package

Why would Steinberg not want to make it easy for clients to purchase all products within each package at a reduced rate … clearly many DAW companies try to offer reduced initial outlay for market share & then make you spend money on all the add on purchases … which if you bought very many will become a serious investment (obviously not suited to music creators or artistic types not generating cash flow or people not using the product within their primary profession).

Leaving such a trivial product out of a serious DAW such as: the MP3 export function for Cubase Artist 7 seems crazy to me (to your credit its only $15) … not only is Steinberg not ensuring premium signal output & integration, they are leading people to use third party or other brands of music software to complete export functionality.

I am a huge fan of Steinberg, Cubase & many of the products you offer!
I really think your sales & marketing strategies need an overhaul, rethink & polish.