Padshop Pro - update not found.. [solved]

Just ran the installer, all went fine (another version of the eLicenser installed too…). I go into Cubase and can only see my previous Padshop edition, opening it confirms it as being the ‘old’ Padshop.

Oh, I tried a full reboot inbetween times too - still no sign of the ‘Pro’… Trying to run the installer again says the update is already installed…!

anyone else…? any clues…? please…?



you ned to put in your activation code

Oops…! Thanks ff… :blush: :wink:


your welcome

I’m sorry, but where exactly do I enter the reg ?

in your elicencer activation

Dear Puma0382
I have the same problem with you.
How did you solve it?
I followed the same procedure with you but I still see the old Pad Shop version.
In my download page I found only the update version and not the upgrade.
“Padshop Pro Upgrade from Padshop (Basic Upgrade)
Where did you find the upgrade version?

It IS the upgrade. but they didn’t specify so (its quite baffling, TBH).

After you download the registration to it in your dongle (using eLicencer), it is ready to rock.

Many Thanks TP3

Yes. enter the activation code and good to go. Probably written someplace obvious but I missed it. The forum is great for quick answers when I am too lazy to read the instructions. :smiley:

Yes All,

I have had the same issue. I installed Padshop Pro and found it was not listed on my e-license control software.
Which I thought it would appear . . . Then after reading some info here I just went ahead and inserted the
activation code into the e-license control software and Walaa ! There she is, Pad Shop Pro !

Cubase Rocks and so does the Forum. Thanks All !

:slight_smile: brad

Great…! Yes - forums are good… (and ff is my new friend, especially when I’ve been a silly old me) :slight_smile:

Padshop is a fun synth isn’t it…! Gonna do some more stuff over the weekend hopefully, and dive into Retrologue a bit more…

Thank you Steinberg…!!


yeah they might have mentioned this some where in the purchase download procedure! lol i thought they had posted the 1.1 update in the pro upgade section by mistake…haha THANKYOU FOR THIS INFORMATION

I had the same problem, thought i was being stupid! Thanks for finding the solution for me, and STEINBERG, please make upgrade procedure more intuitive.

So, just to clarify things…as I’m about to do a Windows7 re-install…

The activation code I have received for my Padshop Pro will basically switch this version on after the installation of the “Padshop_Update_1.1.0.134_Installer_win” download from the Steiny site?

I wish there was a dedicated installer for Padshop Pro, but I’m guessing that the Activation Code simply reveals the “Pro” part to Padshop. Is that right?

So I can re-install Windows and Cubase 6.5, then 6.5.4, and Padshop Pro should appear after the above download as it is registered already??? Right??? :wink:


Thanks all !!
I wrote to support about this problem buy didn’t hear back (3 days)
You’re all lifesavers !

For the life of me I can’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t explain this procedure. :confused:
Oh well…

PS Great synth !!!


Yes, much thanks to everyone who has helped out here. I carefully went back and looked at all the information that was given with this purchase and there is nothing that even hints that the purchaser needs to do anything other than install the update. I do not understand why they cannot have some instructions for this. I wasted an hour of my time tonight trying to figure it out.

Oh well, on to making music. Best wishes to all.